Flyer, Simplex & Roving Bobbins  


We have a wide range of bobbins in sizes up to 600mm length for wool, cotton and blends Speed Frames suitable for such makes as LMW, Jeetstex, MMC, Texmaco Howa, Toyoda, Zinser, Rieter, Marzoli, Textool, Texmaco MMC, MEI, Howa, Rieter, Marzoli, Toyoda, Laxmi Rieter, and SACM.

  • In different surfaces to hold last layer roving in position
  • Exact spindle seating, concentricity and narrow fitting tolerance
  • With joining aids of sticking band Velcro tape at top or bottom
  • Custom moulded Polystyrene bobbins to meet exact specifications for the fiber glass and textile industries